Monday, March 30, 2009

West Indie Hour Playlist 29th March

Don't forget, tickets to The Great Friday Festival to giveaway, email quick!!

Let It Be Known - Shane Barry & The Distractions
Turn The Magic On - Messiah J & The Expert
Heads - Herm
You Know What I Want To Know - David Kitt
Red Is The Number - Walter Mitty & The Realists
Ivory Heart - Tadhg Cooke
Fear - Fred
Intro - The Infomatics
Wake Up - The Infomatics
Faces In The Water - Max Greenwood
Mirrorball - Elbow
Gold - Interference

Monday, March 23, 2009

West Indie Hour Playlist 22nd March

Days Go By - R.S.A.G.

Four Out Of Five - The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra

Stop - Delorentos

Stop - Shane Barry & The Distractions

Keep Me Clear - Fred

Solar - Halfset

The Turn - Stace Gill

(Intro) - Sigur Ros

Svefn-g-englar - Sigur Ros (ten min of Sigur Ros!)

Amelia - BellX1

Back Seat - David Geraghty

Estelle - Armoured Bear

Bless Our Tiny Hearts - Adrian Crowley

Monday, March 16, 2009

West Indie Hour Playlist 15th March

Little Death - One Day International
These Icy Waters - Adrian Crowley
Blossoms In The Street - Wallis Bird
14 Days - Arkitekt
Nostalgia - Froud
Alligator Farm - My Invention
Six Hours - Aine Duffy
The Turn - Stace Gill
I Don't Know - Lisa Hannigan
Rhodes/Bells/Vibes - Halfset
Evergreen - Fred
Ghost For You - Doug Sheridan
Roscoe - Midlake

Oh God Poor America

Okay, so Miley Cyrus wants to meet Radiohead backstage at the grammy's, 'cause they're like one of her like favourite bands like rock Gods and like she would just like cry and like stand out in the cold even if it was like zero degrees out just to meet them, but they said no thanks, "we don't do that". 

She says she's going to "tell everyone" and ruin them.
Radiohead spokesman criticizes her 'self of entitlement'.

She is, like, an idiot. Although I feel its not even all her fault.

Warning: following the link to the audio and listening to the radio piece may forever taint your opinion of the United States/the future of radio/humanity in general or at the very least Miley Cyrus.

p.s. - she closes her eyes when singing not because it means a lot but because its awkward like looking at people while you sing. 

really don't listen to it.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

West Indie Hour Playlist 8th March

The West Indie Hour was back this week after a brief interuption in service.

Playlist 8th March
I Was A Man - Jape
The Lights - Fred
Shuffle Your Feet - The Kinetiks
The Great Defector - Bellx1
Megaphone Man - Messiah J & The Expert
Good For What Ails You - Seneca
Sucker Punch - Walter Mitty & The Realists
Little Deaths - One Day International
Brittle Bones - Giveamanakick
At The Heart Of All Of This Strangeness - Jape
Walk On Part - Adrian Crowley
There Is A Time - Luka Bloom