Friday, October 24, 2008

DEAF 08 - Nurse with Wound

Went to the first night of DEAF tonight in Andrew's Lane Theatre. Had some confusion figuring out who exactly was onstage and what exactly we were supposed to be listening to when it was just some dude with two massive amps playing the same three chords on his guitar over and over. Oh wait, it was art I think. Soundart, the worst kind of art.

Nurse with Wound however wer
e pretty cool.
Apparently they've been around since the Seventies, and I guess the auld lads just command a bit more respect for it. Particularly when they lash into 'My Lovely Horse' out of nowhere (obviously that's going to go down well with this particular blogger), and proceed into what we were told was a "rock'n'roll jam".
I suppose you don't have to understand it all or be able to relate to it, or however you want to describe that relationship that a listener has with a piece of music, to enjoy it. And when the dudes onstage are so clearly making these sounds for their own enjoyment, without conceit or posturing, well it makes it even easier to enjoy. Throw in a bit of Father Ted and I'm in.

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