Sunday, November 23, 2008

West Limerick 102 Flag Day!

Today was a flag day for West Limerick 102FM in Newcastle West, so Caroline Cuddy and myself were wrapped up in our all-weather finest and stationed outside Dooley's Supervalu to raise a few shilings for the local radio station. When not having chats and exchanging fashion tips, it was great to meet some of the listeners face to face, it was funny to see those inquisitive faces when they asked our names, waiting to see if we looked like they thought we should. I remember when I first saw a picture of Aidan Leonard after listening to years of his breakfast show on 2FM and I was shocked, he had black hair and a moustache! You should never meet you're heroes, you'll only be disappointed.
Anyway, thanks to all who contributed and stopped to say
hello and have a bit of a chat. It was great fun! Don't forget you can always listen live at Particularly to The West Indie Hour, 7pm Sundays!

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