Thursday, September 18, 2008

RTE: wtf?!

Just enjoying Kill Bill Vol II on RTE2, in the kind of way that you enjoy a second viewing of a movie on TV where you weren't particularly enamoured with paying the €8 (+double that on popcorn and drink) in the cinema for the initial experience. Its really quite good. I love the stop/start action to it, particularly the very cool girl on girl trailer fight scene.

When all of sudden, WHAT THE FUCK - back to Kill Bill in 30 min after the news update, and bullshit news report of Willie O'Dea punching/not punching some skanger in Limerick (and I'm from Limerick so I know one when I see one!)

I really thought RTE had grown out of this shit. For fuck's sake if Tarantino deliberated and saw fit to split the Kill Bill story into two parts, who is the RTE equivalent who sought to put the bloody news right in the middle. The pacing is delicate enough in Tarantino's last rateable film - Deathproof being an unmitigated bucket of shit.

Pisses me off. I'm off to practise the five point palm exploding heart technique.

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Alan Owens said...

We had the same business with the ridiculous break for news, shocking carry on.

Love the Willie stories tho; what other Government minister is EVER going to be a headline news story for defending themselves in court for supposedly punching someone in the gut and grabbing them around the throat, while delicately balancing a pint in their other hand? Brian Cowen was supposedly with him the night it happened, I mean Taratino (once filled in on the details) would love that as subject matter.. forget Inglorious Bastards, bring on Punch Drunk Willie..

Love that girl on girl fight though, especially the bit where she squeezes the eye between her toes. Oh yes.