Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Back to bassics with the BPLO

Threw a random Monday in Dublin into the mix this week, and made good use of it too!

Sat in on bass guitar with The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra for a Today FM live session . It'll go out tomorrow (Wed) evening on Paul McLoone's show, 7-10pm on Today FM.

The BPLO's very excellent and aptly-titled single December is available for download from downloadmusic.ie. I know its not exactly a wrap-able Christmas gift, but sure don't tell anyone, and just add it to the "I know I should be buying presents for other people, but I really want this for myself" Xmas shopping list.

Don't forget, Limerick folk will have two opportunites to catch the BPLO in action this holiday season. They'll be making an appearance at our Midwinter Xmas Xtravaganza this Sunday 21st Dec, Upstairs in Dolans. They also have their own show on the 26th in the same venue, at which I'll be featuring on piano. I recommend coming to both those gigs, and all the BPLO and Elective Orchestra gigs from now until the end of TIME!!

Yesterday evening I also recorded a song for Balcony TV which will be aired on January 3rd, so be sure to tune in for that! I mean log on, tune in, whatever.

A Monday well spent.


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