Monday, December 15, 2008

Gigs: Wed 10th Dec

Went to two gigs on Wednesday. Firstly, I was glad I dragged myself off the couch to go see Shane Barry and the Distractions in Baker Place. Though the set was somewhat short - due not least to the fact that there was something like six acts on the bill for the weekly ARTiculate Sessions - they were pretty fecking good. The tunes were great, 'Stop' being the highlight of the gig. They have a cool sound going on, and their album Radio Friction isn't half bad either. Nice stuff to lift ourselves out of the dreary winter/recession/midweek blues. They should be ones to watch come next summer.

The second gig consisted of the last 15min of The Dirty Epics set in Trinity Rooms, which played to a pretty packed raucous crowd in the main club. Shouty pop not really being my thing, fifteen minutes was just about enough. Some guy being oddly insulted at my refusal for him to try on my glasses and some chick planting all six inches of her high heels into my ankle, and that was enough of that. Long live the T Rooms!!

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